F010 - Gloves Vinyl Powdered Clear


Due to world wide shortage of PPE, glove prices have risen out of control.

I apologise for the current costings but the 5 month supply I bought at the start of Covid have run out and to be able to supply anything I’ve had to pay extraordinarily high prices. Pricing will return to normal ASAP.


Perfect for food handling, cleaning, housework and so much more. There are 10 boxes per carton. Vinyl gloves are widely used throughout the food services industry. However, their use not just limited to food handling.

Vinyl gloves are one of the most economical choices in our glove product line. Made from poly vinyl chloride (PVC), a main ingredient in disposable gloves for over 40 years, vinyl gloves offer a practical barrier of protection for a wide range of applications. They are soft to the touch and very comfortable to wear. Vinyl gloves are highly resistant to acids, fats and alcohols and they have superior anti-static properties.
Water, oils and foods don't degrade the integrity of vinyl material gloves
Due to their anti-static properties, they are especially effective in situations where static electricity is a concern. Vinyl gloves offer a looser fit that makes your hand feel unrestricted and relaxed, so they're very comfortable to wear. They come in all sizes, small to extra-large, and in lightly powdered and powder-free varieties. Cost wise, they are one of the most economical types of gloves on the market

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