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Gloves & Washroom

Protective apparel is vital in maintaining a clean and hygienic environment. Vinyl gloves are easy to put on and remove yet still allow for dexterity. Latex gloves allow for intricate work and nitrile is tough. LDPE are known as sandwich gloves and are cheap barriers but lack the fit. There are 4 sizes in each. Crimp beret caps are used in food handling or anywhere sanitary conditions need to be met. Busiclean have a large range of gloves for all cleaning and food handling requirements.

If maintaining sanitary conditions is important, we have the range of washroom products to meet your needs. We stock colour coded ranges for different surfaces and jobs.

Typical of our range are the Enduro mops which are long lasting yarn and highly absorbent. Our mops, brooms, dustpans and cloths are available in red , yellow , green , blue and white. Our Viscose cloths are super absorbent and outlast food service cloths by approximately 10 times and they can be laundered. Our food service cloths are one of the highest density cloths in the industry. The cost is slightly more than standard industry cloths but provide much better value.