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E243 Jaws Royal Touch Autocut 120m x 200mm 66040

Royal Touch Autocut 120m x 200mm


The Autocut Paper Towel delivers dry hands and cleans surfaces, with just one sheet. Designed exclusively to suit the JAWS Autocut Dispenser, the Hand Towel is a market leader in both performance and innovation. With it’s innovative single sheet dispensing system, the JAWS Autocut Dispenser is able to reduce paper costs by over 30% by providing more wipes per roll and fewer roll changes.

  •  Unique ‘JAWS’ cutting system
  •  Exclusive single sheet dispensing
  •  Eliminates cross contamination
  •  Economic solution


 JAWS Autocut MINI  for smaller useage areas.  Size 200mm x 120 metre 6 rolls per carton

Dispenser RAP 33049 White Pearl  RAP 33059 Black Pearl  Will also fit in RAP 33411 MIDI Dispenser which takes both 200mtr and 120mtr paper